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Riverbottom Tales is a series of interactive books aimed to explore the world, feed young imaginations, and to add some educational elements to create a fun experience for our viewers.

The first installment follows Bogart “Bobo” Riverbottom as he finds a little baby bird who has lost his parents. Bobo attempts to build a flying machine in order to help search for the baby bird’s parents. After trial and error Bobo faces a bout of depression in the wake of his failures until he recieves some encouraging words from his grandfather. Bobo, with renewed enthusiasm, gives the flying machine idea another go.

The app, Bobo Tales, launches Riverbottom Tales and is available on the Apple App Store. There are exciting things ahead!

Thank you for checking us out!

-Jason Norman


2 Responses to About

  1. Laura says:

    My 3 and 5 year old girls LOVE this! They keep finding new things to click on and interact with.
    We are super excited for more!

  2. C.C. Collins says:

    Mine won’t read it to me. I think it’s supposed to. I really like it and so do my kids. The words are a bit advanced for my kids though. Also, I like the effects, but it took me 6 or 7 times before I found out what all the effects are. For example, bobo looks left and then right. Most effects are lit up, but that one does not. I stumbled upon it. I like how it has pull tabs for some of the pages. It’s kind of like a modern day pop up story! Great job! I’d like to see more:) my kindergarten class would enjoy it!

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